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Aberaeron Mackerel Fiesta
saturday 24th august, 2024

Aberaeron mackerel fiesta parade
The burning of the mackerel
Aberaeron Mackerel Fiesta poster 2023

Each year, towards the end of the summer, Aberaeron Yacht Club hosts the original, and now famous, Aberaeron Mackerel Fiesta, a light-hearted funeral dedicated to the humble mackerel at the end of the fishing season.

Led by the Adamant Jazz band from Cardiff, a large paper mache mackerel is carried by bearers from the quayside through town and over to Aberaeron Yacht Club. The mackerel is followed by mourning "widows" (frequently abandoned on shore, while their partners go out to sea and fish). When arriving at the yacht club, the mackerel is blessed by the Rev. Dilwyn Jones so as to ensure a plentiful amount of mackerel the following season. The day is finished by the burning of the mackerel on the beach at sunset.


At the yacht club there is a party for the mackerel which usually includes, plenty of drink, tasty food and music - come along and join us! FREE ENTRY!!

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