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Regatta 2024: 20th July

sailing regatta 2024

The AYC offers sailing and rowing events throughout the year. Racing is now mainly in cruisers, racing "around the cans" to longer passage races to various ports along Cardigan Bay and a not to be missed Irish passage race. The programme starts as soon as the boats are lifted in during April, the season lasts until the boats are craned out in October. If you would like to take part in races, email us to be added to the mailing list.


AYC organise the lift in of boats to the harbour in April and lift out of boats in October. AYC members get a reduced rate. If you would like to know more, get in touch.

For more information about AYC member Dafydd Hughes' 2023 Global Solo Sailing Challenge, visit our dedicated page.

Ceredigion Tide Timetable 2024

The tide times and heights supplied are approximate tidal data predictions for Aberystwyth. The approximate amount of correction required to calculate data for a selection of other Cardigan Bay locations is as follows:​​​

Cardigan Bridge- 23 minutes

New Quay- 7 minutes

Aberaeron- 5 minutes


Borth+ 11 minutes (later than Aberystwyth)


NB: The tide heights listed may be affected by adverse weather conditions.

Ceredigion Tide Table 2023
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